So what are my chances with this redemption


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I pulled a Cutler 06' PP Legends auto redemption and was gonna give it away for a FFB league but the winner vanished and never replied or e-mailed back about the prize:pop: Anyway for the longest time I couldn't even find it. Well guess what I found last week digging thru my scrub box:cheers:
It expired last month:( I sent it anyway with DC# and all so they should have it:dance:


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Should be good. I couldn't find my '05-'06 Finest Redemptions (Chris Paul RC year) and when I got back from the Philippines, I found 'em about a week later. Sent 'em out to Topps w/a note with my story and they sent 'em.

Kelly, you should be sitting pretty, especially up there in Canada :clap:

- Dave.


UpperDeck redeemed one for me that was almost 2 years past the redemption date.

I emailed them, and they said to send it in anyway, and if it couldn't be done, they would send my card back.

Lo and behold, they redeemed it!! Was an auto, can't remember who of tho, but it was a rookie card with a BV of $60 at the time they sent it to me. :D

I mean, what the heck can you do if you get a redemption card buying an expensive box from a previous year, right?

I think they understand this. ;)