so this was $97.30


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crappy inserts
Reggie Bush 07 Donruss Classics Stadium Star /1000
Chris Chambers Hornors X /250

crappy jerseys -11
DJ Shockley Sage /75
Kordell Stewart Playoff POH
Brian Brohm Absolute Retail
Michael Robinson Sage /75
William Green LRS Face Mask /250
Charlie Whitehurst Press Pass /299
Willis McGahee Gridiron Gear /199
Steve Smith (USC) Press Pass
Ben Tate Topps
Mike Bell Topps DPP
Lawrence Vickers Topps DPP

crappy basketball autos -6
Brian Williams Classics
Eric Coley Sage
Dalibor Bagaric Sage
DeMarre Carrol UD
Kenny Satterfield HIT
Chris Porter Press Pass

crappy football autos - 53
Wayne Gandy Signature Rookies
Willie Clark Superior Rookies
Jared Lorenzen Press Pass x2
Darrell Hackney Press Pass Legends
Aaron Curry Contenders
Haywood Jeffires Classics
Cedric Cobbs Topps DPP
Ciatrick Fason Sage
Dominique Byrd Sage HIT
Joey Kent Edge
Tory James Skybox
Angelo Craig Sage HIT
Keenan Burton Sage HIT
Martin Rucker Sage HIT
TJ Duckett Pristine Acetate
LaTarence Dunbar Contenders
Cameron Morrah LRS
Tim Rattay HIT Die Cut
Tim Rattay Sage
Channing Crowder Contenders
Deshawn Foster Finite
Rhett Bomar Bowman CHrome
James Hardy Topps Magic
Carlton Mitchell Epix
Damien Anderson SPA
Jonathan Crompton Elite
Javarris James PPP
Shaun McDonald SPA
Casey Weldon Classic
James Stewart (Jacksonville) Skybox
David Harris Topps Magic
Kay Jay Harris Pristine
Tony Pike Unrivaled
Cody Brown SPA
David Anderson Topps Magic
Stephen McGee Topps Platinum
Victor Harris SPA
Ryan Torain Bowman Chrome
Rhett Bomar Topps Platinum
Kerry Meier Contenders
Derrick Morgan Contenders
Carlos Dunlap Contenders
Michael Hoomanawanui Contenders
Jerry Hughes Contenders
Fendi Obobun Contenders
Nate Allen Contenders
Anthony Dixon Press Pass Legends
Chad Jackson Press Pass
Peter Warrick Press Pass
Carlos Rogers HIT
Skyler Green HIT DFS
Damian Williams Topps Prime

Decent Insert -1
1998 Black Diamond Quad Diamond Die Cut Karim Abdul Jabbar

Decent Basketball Auto -1
Ed Obannon Signature Rookies

Decent Football Jerseys -7
Leinart/Young Sage Game Exclusive
Jason White Press Pass /125
John Beck Gridiron Gems /50 "Prime" 1 color :wall:
Vince Young HIT
David Carr 2002 UD Authentics Glory Bound
Junior Seau 2004 Prestige Changing Stripes Dual /225
Demaryius Thomas Absolute War Room 50/50 :shifty: 1/1 :dance:

Decent Football Autos -26
DJ Shockley HIT DFS /100
Chris Sims HIT
Tarvaris Jackson Sage Gold /200
Jared Lorenzen Press Pass Blue /50
Cal Dixon Courtside (only thing i can find is $14.99 unsold)
Tim Biakabutuka Fleer
Trev Alberts Signature Rookies
Vince Young Upper Deck Signature Shots - lasted less than 90 minutes, BIN hit $12.99
TJ Houshmandzadeh SPA /550
Greg Camarillo SPA Authentics
Titus Young SPA SOTT (headcase, but could be alright)
Donte Stallworth Finest /1200
Matt Moore Contenders
Tony Moeaki Contenders
Max Hall Contenders (hes an SP, only SP i think i got this go round)
Ken Dorsey HIT Silver
Ken Dorsey Press Pass
Anthony Dixon Press Pass Silver /199
DaQuan Bowers Leaf Draft Prasmatic? /50
Shaun King Press Pass
Jason White Sage HIT
Ryan Leaf Press Pass
Stanley Morgan Topps Fan Favorites
Chad Jackson Topps DPP Classmarks (for some reason i think this is a group A super rare?)
Errict Rhett Signature Rookies
Carnell Williams UD Premier Penmanship /50

Decent Auto Jersey -7
Chris Chambers SPx
Derek Hagan SPx
Rhett Bomar Threads /50
Jordan Todman LRS (the logo patch jumbo swatch thing) /299
Marcus Easley Gridiron Gear Hidden Gems /178
Gartrell Johnson Bowman Letterman "O" /135
Brooks Foster Bowman Lettermans "S" /173

SPA Patch/AU -4
Derrick Williams 4 CLR /999
John David Booty 2 CLR /999
Javon Ringer 2 CLR /999
Matt Jones 4/5 CLR (2 different blues in the layering) /399

so thats 90 football AUs, 18 Football JSY, 7 BKB AU, and 3 inserts, or just over $1 per jersey, thats how i look at it...
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this was 3 different lots :salut: still have 3 more incoming, and im actually leading a few that end today :shock:

going to get some food in me, then itll be listing making time to catch up for whenever they drop the next free day on me :pray: its soon cause i typically do very well when i have quite a bit of new product, and ill have around 7% of new 'decent' stuff, so autos, jerseys, decent rc/inserts, with like 90% of that being autos...

and im going to start trying to sell off my Exquisite via BIN, cause at $0.99 open auction that is where most are ending..