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Well early this year, I pulled a Jordan Auto. I held on to it for a couple months. Well thats when Jaime made me a offer I couldn't refuse. He offered me a Josh Smith 4 color Exquisite, a Josh Smith Sweet Spot auto, and an Finest Josh Smith Blue xrefractor Auto RC #'d 5/25 (Jersey #). I took it in a second. I always wanted a big Jsmoove Exquisite.

Here is the card.

Well I get the cards, Im happy for a long while. Then one day I decided to list it on ebay, to mess around. See what I can get for it. Well Ebay yanks it. I email Upper Deck, and they send it saying it was a fake. They gave me the true card scan..

My heart drops..

I contact Jaime, and he is stunned as well. Since he bought it off ebay himself. So we both try contacting Upper Deck numerous times, and they just ignore us. This is after they said they wanted any information on made this fraud. Well Jaime still had all the information from when he purchased it.

So after all that, instead of allowing the fake card to go around to another persons hand, Jaime asked for it back and offered me these.



I accepted, but only after we exhausted all of our options with upper deck and ebay. I believe Jaime is still trying to work with upper deck and ebay since he paid high dollars for a fake card.

I'm trying to track down a very nice Rudy Gay or a nice card in General to give to Jaime as a gift for his honesty, generosity , and the willingness to do the Right Thing always.

There is not one better trader on these boards. He knew I gave up a real Jordan Auto, and made sure he did everything he could to make it right.

Thank you Jaime, Your a Gentlemen and a Scholar!
I remember that whole situation...WOW CLASS ACT! NOT a shock though he is a GREAT TRADER!

I am NOT shocked that UPPER DECK has done NOTHING nor EBAY for that's nice that there are still honest traders out there.

He DEF did NOT have to do all of try and make things right BUT that just shows how good a FREAK he is ;) CLASS ACT!
I remember that situation - I really was gutted for you.
But I am sure you must have felt worse.

Nice to see that Tex collector is trying to make amends he could have easily told ya to bugger off and washed his hands of the problem.

Are you guys going to do something about the info?

I am glad you got a sort of happy ending there :)