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... I am a begginer, have been a few times. But it's time to buy myself a snowbaord and gear. What are some good brands to buy if I just wanna go down a hill, nothing too fancy(yet). Thanks guys!


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:think: Burton...might be a little high end, maybe if you get a used board that would be the way to go...


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i'll ask my bro cause he learned 2 yrs ago and got a board last yr, medium board not for beginners beginners but some that have an idea.


Bench Warmer
I've been snowboarding for 8 years now... I taught for several and I still have the same board I started on... A Ride. I'll tell you what they are seriously some of the best boards for the buck... You can spend 300 on one and it'll last you 6+ years if you let it. I personally have a Ride-Control from lets see... I believe 2001. Its my baby. If you want to go high end later on down the road, NeverSummer is a nice brand. But all in all, its hard to go wrong with a quality snowboard. Good luck... and remember, turning is in your upperbody, not your lower body.