Small vent


Bench Warmer
So I went swimming toda with a few people and we were playing volleyball:ban::lollol:

Anyways it was an indoor pool with benches along the side with 2-3 feet between the edge of the pool and the benches

So one time we hit the ball out of the pool and it rolled a bit and touched some ladies (looked about 30) foot

She got pissed and took out her pen and deflated the ball, also she was using her laptop and looked to be a microsoft emloyee with a microsoft shirt on (seriously who does computer work in a frickin indoor pool with loads of kids in it.

So we find a different ball and not even doing anything wrong she walks over to the pool grabs the ball out and deflates it; then proceeds to go find staff and try to get us kicked out (which works:doh:)

At this point Im pretty pissed off but I don't..... Anywyas after getting dressed she sees me outside (Im wearing an England football jacket) and she says England sucks and spits on the jacket

All I can say is what an a-hole and I really wish it was a guy so I could have done something about it :angry:

Sorry for making you read a pointless story and no I won't give you the minute of your life back:salut::D


Bench Warmer
If thats the truth then theres gotta be more to the story.

Too bad you dont know who she was cause now you have to track down a random broad to get your cock back.