Sliq, and other eTopps dealers.. I have a question..


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not sure, tomlinson stuff isnt selling too well at this point, last completed sale was $74, but it was on CTM, so its not on ebay...

id guess $100-$125, but if he gets into form like last season it should see around $200 id guess...

you have to remember the etopps are a specialized buyer and they arent mainstream at all, inhand cards on ebay typically sell for less than inport


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ya most sell for less in hand than in port but it alldepend on the person . but i'd say don't sell right now


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Dang near all etopps cards seem to pull 9.5's from BGS so I would hope it wouldn't have that much of a premium but you never know. Its worth more to me when it is left in the Uncirc. case.:salut: