Signs Not Allowed At RAW


Bench Warmer
In relation to the RAW tapings yesterday, while queuing outside, we were told by security that no banners or signs were allowed inside the arena. Obviously a lot of kids with some impressive and imaginative banners were upset about this. Then, as RAW was about to start-Lillian Garcia told the crowd to hold up their banners and signs and it could get shown on TV This bought boo's from the crowd, and set the tone for the night. A lot of young kids wanted to support their favorite wrestler, but were unable to.


Bench Warmer
that is DUMB...half the fun of GOING to a LIVE show is bringing a sign LOL and the way the TV has been lately for WWE half the fun of watching it is reading the signs LOL


Bench Warmer
SIGNS ****!!! you get these freakin idiots keep lifting there dumb signs up every 10 sec. ... i dont care in the slightest what you would have on a sign. they should not be allowed in EVER ...

wrestling fans are so annoying ... there either standing up every 2 sec. or raising a sign ... theres been some near brawls from people doing such things the last few times i went ... i mean people pay to watch the event , not the back of a sign or some guys big booty ...



Bench Warmer
WWE felt bad about the signs that had been confiscated because after Heat was taped they sent wrestlers out into the hallway to meet and greet the fans. Ron Simmons, Henry Smith, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Super Crazy were some of the stars they sent.