*SIGH* Can't believe I spent $1000 on this card in '04.




I was in the middle of completing my 03 SPA gold set, and $1K was right around the average for Leftwich's Gold SPA's.
I might be able to get $100 nowadays for it. The funny thing is I will probably have it forever, as selling it for $100 would make me feel even worse.

Anyone have a similar tale to mine, so I don't feel like the only "idiot".


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The Vick SPA I purchased last year has nose dived, maybe not that much, but nine months would of made a big difference, another year who knows? I would of bought it at some time being a set collector but timming can kick you in the butt sometimes.

Makes me worry about all the people paying outragious prices for the lastest & greatest rookies, what percentge are gonna be around in five years?


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Steep price, if it was for the set its still worth it!

If its scarce personally I dont mind overspending at all... if I can afford it.

That was a sweet set did you break it up?


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Overpaying is a word I know very very well.

$30 for a Weathersby Press Pass BRONZE Auto. 1st one to hit eBay in 3 years. Luckily I've gotten the last 2 for under $5 dlvd. Actually traded one of these away to Tortomasi. I have 3 now but compared to all his other autos it is rare. (I have 12 of the Elite /125)

Paid over $100 each for a few of my Bernard Pollard cards.

Paid $30 for a box of retail Donruss Classics and got all base and a Jason Gesser RC /900.

Paid $80 for an uncirculated Caddy TC Xfractor.


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see my Joey Collection :D Outside of his college game used jersey, I would probably get about 10 cents on the dollar for what I paid (if I were inclined to sell, which I'm not ;) )

More specifically, I paid (in a lot) roughly $500 for the Mike Williams Exquisite /5. Decided to cut bait and sold it (took a best offer) for $215 or something, couple days later he was cut from Raiders :dance::dance:


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See my DN's. I have spent at least $45 on all 6 of my Photo Shoot Auto's.

Also, spent $120 in '05 on a 2002 SPA McCown 2-Color Auto #'d/250 :doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh:


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I have a whole lot of Chris Perry autos, at least 3 sp authentics reg. and one Gold. That I will never part with due to the amount I have in them. At least they will always be personal collection. At least thats what I keep telling myself.
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I knew I wasn't alone. Thanks fella's.

My regret is it was a thousand $ on a player I don't collect. If it had been someone I collected(i.e. Ladell Betts, Dallas Clark, Devard Darling) I wouldn't be nearly as bummed. Of course none of these guys will ever have a $1K card, so I won't have to worry about that happening!

Krusin, I remember when you picked up that Vick SPA. Who would have thought the card would ever fall that quickly.

Speaking of Vick's cards. Here is an Ebay seller who just listed a lot of nice Vick auto's lot. I imagine he will take a bath on this when it sells.


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up until about a month ago my bollers...but the price is starting to inch up, quite a few autos got scooped up in ebay stores during the game last night, too bad i dont have anything low end in there, just SPAs, Ultimates, and Buy Backs...Sage autos were getting hit for $7 :shock:...if i threw up a fraction of my rookie stuff people would call me an idiot...or genius if they would have beat the pats...seriously 40 SPGUs, 10 SPGU Golds, 12 Topps Chrome Black Refractors, like 15 each of Finest and Finest Ref autos...ive got around 250 boller autos...


Here's one I hope is not added to my list of why did i buy that in a few years, -


I tried to contact you before I made the purchase but you weren't around. Now that you are anything bad I need to know about the card? Still don't have it in hand, hope to in a day or so if not I'll be contacting the seller to find out what's up.

I don't have any other record of this card having a different patch. :cheers:

Not a bad price either. I highly doubt you will ever regret paying that price. I don't see LT rookie cards ever dropping that much if he can stay healthy for the next few years.