Football Should Edwards really be starting over Losman?


Bench Warmer
I mean has Edwards really won any games for the Bills, Losman got that game against the Jets with a little help from Evans, but i think he should be starting over Edwards
I would assume from this decision that the bills don't feel losman is the man of the future. I'd look to see him on the trading block before next season starts.
i have only been able to watch edwards during the dallas game.... does anyone know if he can see down field? I mean, the guy has poise in the pocket, but not to take a shot when roy williams is covering seems crazy to me.
Edwards is a much better overal Qb, if you watched the game, evans made an exceptional play on a badly throwm ball into double coverage. Edwards has a strong arm also, the one's at fault here are the Bills Offensive coordinators. A true drop back passer are the one's that have and always will thrive in the Nfl.