should be super fun to go through


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wow sweet lot. Please let me know when you get them would love some of the phins in that lot i can see.... mainly the LJ ronnie brown dual. Gladly give you 5 for the card more than doubles your money on it :cheers:

Really though lmk hope some of the other stuff in that lot works out well.


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Looks like a hell of a lot of fun! LMK if you get any SJax in the lot!

according to the numbers i didnt see any, but i did see DJax Contenders, Ray Rice Contenders, Jonathan Stewart/Rashard Mendenhall Dual AU, and some other quality stuff...just wish starting bid would have been lower...i should be able to flip it in 6 cards :shock:

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whoever is on the Ultimate 4 Somes

thats the plan anyway, if the guy numbered it correctly and all...he didnt note any of the 07 Contenders, and i cant really identify them