Short Print break down on contenders?


Bench Warmer
I've been working on a set. To that end, I've bought a box.
But while waiting for that box to arrive I managed to buy quite a few of the
auto rookies. I'm wondering if anyone cracked enough contenders to be able
to tell me what the SP ratio, if any, appears to be. If the autos are evenly
spread it should be, at best, 3 non-sp and 1 sp per box.

I base this on a simple calculation
There are 6 SP to 499
There are 5 SP to 649
Leaving 24 non sp, guessing about 999. Rounding up.
So roughly 1:4 ratio. This gets a bit distorted when you include the non-rc
included in the product. So it might be 3 non-sp rc + 1 sp which is a rc or
other limited print card.

So, again, I was wondering if anyone had actually observed this, or anything
like it?