Shipping Internationally?

made a trade with a good friend of mine who lives in canada, and was just curious what to expect shipping rates wise. was also curious if DC (or anything similar to it) works outside the US. anyone have any experience shipping to canada?


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Shipping to Canada is SLOOOOOOOW, you can't get DC, and it cost a bit more. I'm sure the USPS website has the exact rates per ounce/pound.


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cris (scrappy) and kelly (lumm0x) would be the best place to look, as they frequent between stuff and kelly is canadian


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Ii've been shipping to Canada for $1.00 postage but with no tracking. I only do it for packages less than $50. So far so good.
thanks for all of the replies! i really want to make sure this gets there in good time / good condition. granted, i dont want it rushed over there, but is there anyway to ensure that it will get there safely? just curious.