She called it foreplay....


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Wife bought me Call of Duty 4 last night. Let me play it for about 4 hours last night and most of the day today. Frigging awesome game :cheers:


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this thread does not deliver... I've decided since I won't be going to New Orleans for my xmas present (:(:(:(:(:(:( I want an xbox360 instead :D


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COD 4 is freaking awesome. I'm almost done w/ the campaign on Veteran.

Just wait until you get the online, Kelly. It's intense and fast-paced.


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How many times do I have to try and convince you to get the adapter so you can get online? COD4 online is insane, I haven't touched Halo since it came out.

*goes to check to see how many people in here takes him off their friend's list after Halo comment.*