Setting the record straight.


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First let me say, nobody was asked to leave this site.

There has been some concern from members about the posts being made by two specific members. The members who were causing these issues were asked nicely to tone things down earlier this evening. Neither person was asked to leave the site, nor was a ban threatened. Slanderous posts followed that were deleted, and they asked one of the founders to be removed from the site. After much consideration the decision was made to grant their request and they were both suspended indefinitely.

We are all working very hard to make this a great site and it is you the members that will help make it great. We again thank you for your patience, and know we will do what whatever it takes to grow our membership with quality members.


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you know, i am happy to have a place to hang out and am so glad you guys were willing to make a site that was actually maintained and kept up with.

i think we all know there will never be another CP, but what makes this site better is that the people who founded it and made it are willing to spend time here and make sure all of us can enjoy it without being offended.

we all are still allowed to kick back and relax. and members being comfortable and not being attacked is something that shouldn't be tolerated no matter who it is.

thanks for setting the record straight rob. it's good to know that you are willing to be honest with us.


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once i get back to highspeed i should be able to help stop some mindless behaviors, but until then im pretty much just the guy who checks new posts a few times a day and doesnt even read them all cause it takes too long for pages to load :(


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Ya know, I really loved those two members, but lately they have really turned things upside down around here.

I know it was a tough decision but one that had to be made. :salut:


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A message board is like life , there will always be drama of some type. Hopefully the two can iron things out and come back.

If not I will miss the one that i'm sure is gone and maybe the other but just haven't figured him/her out yet , but I missed it all thank goodness.

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I don't know what the hell happened. But, I am willing to bet on who got
"temporarily" banned (I know they will be back). My bet is that it was well deserved (from seeing what happened last time).


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Really? They're gone? That sucks. I love those guys. I find them funny. All the 'antics' they pulled, I thought were funny. Hell, at the Nats one of them was hitting on Julia right in front of me. It was all in fun. I'm really gonna miss those guys.