Serial Numbered Card Values


TP9 | VC15
I wanted to get everyone's take on these eBay 1/1s.

Do you guys "value" a card higher if the card is serial numbered the same as the player's jersey number? For example, would you pay more for a Tom Brady card numbered 12/100 than you would 74/100 (assuming you would buy a Brady card at all)?

I think it's kinda silly, personally, and it drives me a bit crazy when I try to buy a Tony Parker or Vince Carter card on eBay and it goes for more than it's worth (at least more than I think it's worth) all because it's numbered 9/XX or 15/XX.

What do y'all think?


From a pack deep in the north country...
A 1/1 is ONLY a 1/1 if it has "1/1'" "01/01," or "One of One" printed or stamped on it somewhere.
That being said do I think that Rickey cards #24/XXX are cool? Yes, but I refuse to pay a premium for them because of the serial number. I would rather have 2 new cards that I need for the same price as 1 card #24/XXX.