Bench Warmer
im sorta getting out of the card thing.. id really like to sell pretty much all my stuff (only the emmitt,montana rc, and rice rc im looking to keep) and i know everyone likes to buy there cards as cheap as possible so check my bucket.. or ask me about a certain player(s) name a price and im sure we'll be able to negotiate something

i also have a radar detector to sell..
its an older but not too old Passport 8500 X50 a few dings here and there but it works just as good as a new one.. and new ones cost $299-$350
i only need about $50..
and i dont take paypal sorry
actually i just sold the rice..
and the staubach is a
2006 Donruss Elite Back to the Future Staubach/Bledsoe Dual Jersey /299 $30

you can offer a price plmk thanks