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The old topic got a little cluttered, so I decided to make a new one. If you read the old one, it's the exact same thing. If you don't qualify, don't bother trying to get on board.

(Bold = Current Box Location or Last Location)

Sign Up list:
1) tigsfan
2) Broncofanforever
3) BSC
4) bhelser
5) tguillotte
6) Johan Santana #57
7) griffsdad2430
8) oglesbyc

Any questions or if you're interested, PM me, tigsfan, or post here.

Here's the rules (subject to change):

*You must be a Verified Trader & 20 SCF feedback/75 other site feedback required UNLESS approved by a group vote of all members signed up at the time you send me a request via PM to be a member. No matter what, you need to be verified.

*The box is then sent by zip codes STARTING WITH MINE (Once the order is set there is no changing it!).

*Address of member needs to be confirmed.

*As you receive the box, you can take out as many cards as you like, but you must replace each card with a like card of equal or greater BV (ie insert for insert, auto for auto etc....) and condition.

*SELL VALUE HAS NO BEARING ON THE CARDS. Current Beckett BV's must be used (It will be listed by me to start out). If you don't know, PM me & I'll help you out.

*Package must be shipped out to the next person by 3-5 business days.

*You MUST ship the box with delivery confirmation, and the DC number must be sent immediately to myself so that I can track it.

*If I find out that you don't abide by these rules, you will not be allowed to continue doing the card exchange.
Bryan_Mc said:
is this working out well?
i was thinking of trying it out with the puckheads.
I think so because I haven't heard any complaints yet. You got to make sure to stuff that box, have a lot of variety, & make sure everyone follows the rules.