Saw some movies


Bench Warmer
Oceans 13 -- two thumbs up liked it

took the kids to see Surf's Up -- bad really bad even for a kids movie -- miserable to sit through and more predictable than most

Dream Girls -- rented with the wife last night, ok for what it was, my favorite part when Eddie Murphy was about to shoot Heroine in Jaime Foxx's office and the other black dude tried to stop him and he just stared at him, with that Eddie Murphy face.

Ghost Rider -- I cannot believe that 1. I rented it. 2. I finished it, worst script, plot and acting in any movie with actors I have heard of before

will watch Harsh Times with Christian Bale and Eva Longoria tonight, know nothing about it but like Christian Bale.
LOL, surfs up looks pretty bad. Going to try and keep the family away from seeing that.

Rented dream girls a couple weeks ago and had to turn it off, cause I thought it was horrible.

LOL @ ghost rider. I can't believe they even made that movie. It will never see the tray of my dvd player...:ban:

I'll have to check out harsh times though, never heard of it...:eh:
I got Oceans 13 via bootleg and it was crap quality so I stopped just after Pitt gets the call at the begining.