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The SAVE_US website that was posted on earlier that redirected to's Cyber Sunday website now feature a countdown clock that counts down to Cyber Sunday tonight at 10:30PM. I'm pretty sure that is just a fan site and nothing WWE related.

Y2J Says Return Will Be A Surprise, HBK/Orton, Taker, More

Chris Jericho was interviewed this week by Josh Stewart of The Long Island Press newspaper. Jericho discussed a number of topics, including his book and a return to WWE. Here's what Jericho said about a WWE return: You know, I can honestly say that I don't know for sure when, but I will tell you as well that even if I did I'm a magician. I keep my secrets and my tricks to myself, and I like that. I think it's one of the things I've always enjoyed about wrestling. And once again, going back to the way I was when I was a fan, I don't think it's fair or good for fans to know everything. And as much as it's great to have technology and it's cool that people know [more], I think it's also cool when people don't know, and that's something I've worked very hard to make sure's still good to be surprised. And I think that everyone will agree with me that in a day and age where people know things before they happen, I don't think that anyone is going to know my story until it happens. And I think people in a vacuum would rather have it that way.

There's a lot of speculation going into tonight's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view that Chris Jericho may finally make his return to WWE. Of course, anything is possible but Jericho has a packed schedule for today. The former WWE Undisputed Champion will be signing books today at 2pm in Fort Bragg, NC at the North Post PX. Jericho could easily make the trip from Fort Bragg up to Washington, DC in time for a PPV appearance. He is also scheduled for a phone interview with the Crime and Punishment radio show out of Winnipeg, Chris' hometown. The interview is set to start at the same time Cyber Sunday goes on the air and the main topic of the show is the Chris Benoit case. As far as RAW tomorrow night, Jericho is scheduled for a book signing in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Book Store from 5:30PM until 7PM. Afterwards, he is set to be interviewed by wrestling journalist Bill Apter. Seeing as how RAW is in Philadelphia tomorrow night, it's possible that after wrapping up all the media stuff, Jericho could dash over to the arena for a RAW appearance. As we all know, with the WWE and Jericho, anything is possible. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Given the way that Shawn Michaels has been superkicking WWE Champion Randy Orton on RAW every week one would expect Michaels vs. Orton to be a lock for tonight’s Cyber Sunday pay-per-view. However, there is some speculation that Michaels may not be ready for a match over 15 minutes with the current state of his knees and the fact that Jeff Hardy could be voted in by the fans. Nevertheless a title change is not expected unless it was a promise to get Michaels to return early.

WWE continues to be a huge draw in the United Kingdom as tickets went on sale for their April 2008 tour at 9 AM yesterday and the web site crashed almost immediately. The WWE show in Glasgow sold out in less than ten minutes.

There has been some concern regarding the Undertaker’s health since his latest return to the company and that concern could play a factor in the outcome of his match tonight against Bastista. Not only has Vince McMahon been against short title reigns, Undertaker has not been performing up to his high expectations. However, the original plan before he was injured was to have Undertaker reign as World Heavyweight Champion going into next year’s WrestleMania 24 pay-per-view.

The late Curt Hennig’s son, Joe Hennig, worked a dark match at this past Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings with tag team partner Steve Fender. The duo faced SmackDown’s Jesse & Festus. Joe wore a version of his father’s trademark singlet.