saturday at the shop pick ups



Stopped by my local shop yesterday to pick up a few more 200 count boxes for another round of "god I wish I had sent these packages off two weeks ago before the rate hike" mailings, and did something I almost never do. I walked to the back of the shop where the guy has boxes and boxes (and boxes) of singles, most for ten cents a piece. Usually it's just too intimidating to try to sort through all that crap, but I spent a couple minutes just looking, and stumbled onto a box that had a ton of 1980 and 1983 Topps football in it. It must have been recently put back there, because the cards were in great shape... they looked pack fresh. So I went through and pulled all the Seahawks.


The centering isnt great on the 1980 ones, and at ten cents a piece I probably paid about book value, but you don't see 27 year old cards that look this sharp very often.


About the Jack Thompson RC... he's a former Cougar. Usually with Washington State, Washington and Tennessee guys, I only collect stuff of them in their college uniform, unless they also played for the Seahawks, Titans, or Nashville Kats. But obviously this was back before they had cards of guys in college uniforms. And since I got to see "The Throwin' Samoan" a couple of times when he played for Wazzu, I figured an exception to one of my collecting rules was in order.
I will keep my eys open for those pac10 teams. I should have a bunch of those Seattle Teams. I did pull a Hassleback JSY out of my 05 LCM break.
Very cool card. That might be worth the Petersons u have pulled LOL
Later mike
Also did u ever get a BOZ RC.(SEATTLE)
Yeah me 2. I didnt even know he had a Kenner Starting Line up
Got to get one of those soon. I traded for his PPass Legacy auto red ink.
Woulda traded double book or more but just had to give around 80 in trade. That was saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! I think it is def my favorite SOOOOOONER card. Not sure tho I do have a few!!!
I wish the scanner worked would love to scan everything. I have quite abit in my bucket but still not everything. Later