Round 3 Tradeoff Results...

Johan Santana #57

Bench Warmer
Very good round again! Had some tough match-ups here.

Oglesbyc 15 - Advances Via Top "Loser"
DimeTimeSportsCards 36

Mat19 2

Southhawks23 2 - Wins via tiebreaker of Highest BV Trade
ac-n-mike 2

Bryan_MC 8
Hands 7

Johan Santana #57 9
Dbackfan12 4

Panthers4ever 4
Scatcat 10

Chipsfootball1 8
Ljmaya 8 - Wins via tiebreaker of Highest BV Trade
(This round caused much controversy over which trades count, trades went unconfirmed, or under the amount specified needed to qualify.)

Round 4 will be posted tomorrow night sometime. It will last for another 2 weeks. This is the elite 8! 4 winners of the next match-ups will move onto the final four for the chance at a HOBBY BOX!
^^^^^^lol good luck he buys everything you throw at him lol^^^^^^

tell him you have a box full of paper he is buying it for $5 lol jk nice job everyone