Round 1 Trade OFF Results--WHO MOVES ON TO ROUND 2?


Bench Warmer

1. NO ONE with (0) trades is moving on to ROUND 2 ...(there were a few ties of 0-0)

2. trades do NOT carry over from ROUND to ROUND, BUT the person at the end of the Contest with the most TOTAL trades (regardless of if they win there bracket or not) will receive a prize

here are the results (# of trades next to member name)
BOLD MEMBER is moving on to ROUND 2

Round 1 Bye LJMAYA ---4

oglesbyc---11 vs scatcat---7
oglesbyc was high trader this round GETS A 2nd ROUND BYE

Tigsfan ---1 vs aussie2al---0

Pimpmyridebro---3 vs. mpekar---0

slim99---1 vs kordaisdad22---0

shine---0 vs southhawks---9

hockeyrules555---4 vs huntingman---0

ac-n-mike---3 vs nashfan13---0

mrtoney29h---2 vs fishfan97---0

spud77---0 vs ground support---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

hugo---0 vs theanswer022---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

jdthakid---0 vs orlando magic---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

bryan MC---7 vs mcpunk---0

fido---0 vs Got Sheed?---1

Hands---4 vs Yankstixfan---2

dacubs?---1 vs tguillotte---0

dimetimesportscards---7 vs mat19---2

Johan Santana #57---2 vs celtics---1

shortd81---0 vs hornsfan92---1

coltstopps---0 vs arozzang---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

bsc---0 vs hughesfan24---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

dbackfan12---2 vs rx24---0

leafsfan1967---0 vs champ---0---TIED AT ZERO (0)

atrain2004---4 vs hunedaddy---0

panthers4ever---2 vs tylerrules09---0

basketball00---0 vs pkhale07---1

bhelser---0 vs chipsfootball1---3

anferneepenny---9 vs meliah---0

AGAIN...the ROUND 2 BRACKET will be posted TONIGHT!


CONGRATS to the guys who moved on and GOOD LUCK in ROUND 2
WHOO! I move on :D

Congrats and goodluck to all that are in the 2nd round :)

Ogles, southhawks, bryan, dime and penny you guys killed this round!
Well done :)

Dime - you were worried about nothing lol
ac-n-mike said:
1. NO ONE with (0) trades is moving on to ROUND 2 ...(there were a few ties of 0-0)

ahahaha so I didnt lose I tied ;) (Next contest like this please consider sending out a PM or an email reminder.)
Ground Support said:
YANKSTIXFAN and MAT19 will move on!

Awesome - you guys deserve to move on since you actually made more trades than some winners :D

Josh, I guess they move on because they are the best losers?
If so what about scatcat. He made a whopping 7 trades didnt he?
Hugo said:
hey i make a trade why did u out me as 0?

I will check this out...but I think the TRADE # of the trade that you completed was BEFORE the contest officially started....I COULD BE WRONG....but I will check it out for you ok? Thanks for bringing that to my attention