Bench Warmer
Can get me this or have him email me ! His name is like loflo80 or something like that .

he has this !

John hannah image by loflo8 on Photobucket

Atleast he used to or still does. If you message him and have him email me at or gets on here and messages me i will send you some cards of your favorite team and give you all the pts i have (i know its not much but its free) i just need this. also when you ask if you could also ask if he has more ? Giving a reward ! Lmk please !! any help is apppreciated big time !


Bench Warmer
loflo8 is a member on SCF and TCC
cowboys4life71 is a member on TCC
scalpem96 is also a member on TCC
jayzcardshack is a member on TCC with user name j23a45y
kwb1b is a member on ebay
mcdo0423 is a member on TCC and youtube
that is how you can contact all of them