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Box Break Review: Basketball Deluxe Vault Box


TP9 | VC15
Today I ordered a Deluxe Basketball Vault Box. I thought I'd go ahead and post this thread up to start the review. The checkout process was quick and painless. I simply added the item into my cart and chose to pay through PayPal using my credit card. I received an immediate confirmation email with a note that says I'll be updated when the item ships.

So far, so good. I'll update this thread as I receive updates on the box. Once it's here I'll do a video opening as well as a written review over the contents of the box once it's here.

I should also mention that I forgot to add a note that I wanted a Vault Pack included. I sent an email after I placed the order but I'm not sure if it's too late at that point or not. So, the contents of this box will be even more of a surprise than I thought! 😆


TP9 | VC15
I got an update last night with a tracking number for my box. Can't complain about same day processing! Since it's the end of the week I'd expect the box should arrive here by Wednesday. So, now we wait... something I don't like doing! 😁


TP9 | VC15
Just checked the tracking and my box is at the post office this morning so it'll be in my box before noon. My son has a track meet this afternoon but I'll be cracking this thing open as soon as I get home. I'll post the video, as well as a written review, shortly after.

So far, I'm fairly impressed with this service. I ordered on Thursday morning and will get the box today. That's pretty dang quick in my opinion. I wasn't expecting it until mid-week because of the weekend.


TP9 | VC15
Well, the box did, indeed, arrive in my PO box today. Unfortunately I just missed getting there in time. They closed 17 minutes ago and since it wouldn't fit inside my box, I just got a letter letting me know to pick it up at the window. So...looks like I'll be going up there tomorrow during lunch and picking it up so I'll have it by the time I get off.

...more waiting is required...


TP9 | VC15
So, I finally got my box in hand! It took me less than an hour to get home, get it busted, and get to the computer to let y'all know what the results were.

Here's a breakdown of the packs I got:

2014-15 Donruss - ?
2015 Contenders Draft Picks - ?
2016-17 Excalibur - $5.99
2016-17 Excalibur - $5.99
2016-17 Threads (Kid's Pack)
2017-18 Ascension - $5.99
2017-18 NBA Hoops - $3.08
2017-18 Status - $5.49
2018-19 Revolution - $6.49
2019-20 NBA Hoops - $5.41

To come up with these values, I looked up what it'd cost me to buy a box, then divided by the number of packs in a box.

Here's the breakdown on the hits:

2000-01 Fleer Feel the Game #24B Lamar Odom Red - $2
2008-09 Hot Prospects #115 Jerryd Bayless - $4
2013-14 Timeless Treasures #118 Jamaal Franklin - $1
2016-17 Absolute Memorabilia Frequent Flyer Materials #32 Justise Winslow - $1
2018-19 Panini Prizm Signatures Brook Lopez - $3

I should mention that all of these hits came out of the Vault Pack, with the exception of the Odom, which was in the kid's pack. For the cards I just looked up some comparable auctions on eBay to find approximate values.

So, I ended up getting a little more than $38.44 worth of packs, and an additional $11 worth of hits, for a total approximated value of $49.44. Not bad considering I only paid just under $55 total. I can safely say that I wouldn't have been able to buy everything in that box, and have it shipped to my house, for less than that anywhere else.

Here's a scan of the hits:


Here's the video of me opening all of the packs.

All in all, I'd say this was a pretty good value and it was fun to open all the random packs. The kid's pack is a nice touch for those who have kids who are interested in cards. The Vault Pack is pretty nice, and saves you from going "hitless", especially with the shot at getting the golden ticket. This is definitely something I'll be doing again. Next time I'll try a different sport, or maybe even go for one of the Hi-Rollers boxes.