Results of a month's rainfall in 2 hours...


Bench Warmer
Well we have had a rather wet few days here. Thursday afternoon brought a couple of hours of the most torrential rain I have ever experienced followed by normal amounts of the clouds wringing themselves dry! Accompanying was a cracker of a thunder/lightning storm which at one point shook our practice building, much to our fear having been arsoned last year! Turns out a house 10 doors down got torched sadly.

Amazingly our practice in Linden Avenue escaped flooding but houses around us weren't as lucky (see photos in link). Poor souls. Other areas of Kettering were completely wiped out. God only knows what it must have been like in NO with their experience. Certainly brought a whole town to standstill for half a day.

You can see my practice in the backgorund of the "Canfield" kids photo settings.wmv&VideoID=3219&ArticleID=2956811
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sorry to hear about the flooding there paul, glad your practice and home came through alrigth.... on teh plus side, that hayley chick is kind of cute :D