Baseball Replacing Topps Chrome Blaster! $178 to go! Two Hobby Boxes Topps Chrome Update-2 Autos + 2 Blasters


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The MVP replacement ends on Feb. 29, Since there's been no action here in over a week, I am busting the Topps Chrome Blaster and replacing it with a second 2022 a chrome Platinum blaster. If you want recind your bids, you may until March 1.
Thanks Bob

Target: $330 Bids $152 To Go $178 Added Plus Base
2023 Update.jpg

2023 Chrome Update.jpg
Breaking 2 Hobby Boxes of Topps Chrome Update (Guaranteed Two Autos,) 1 2023 Topps Chrome Blaster & 1 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum!
2023 TC Update
Arizona DiamondbacksLarryG
Colorado RockiesLarryG
Los Angeles DodgersLarryG
San Diego Padresgwynn_fan
San Francisco Giantshociman
Chicago Cubscubman1941
Cincinnati RedsLarryG
Milwaukee Brewersgwynn_fan
Pittsburgh Piratesgwynn_fan
St. Louis Cardinalsdoubleo6
Atlanta BravesLarryG
Miami MarlinsLarryG
New York Metsgwynn_fan
Philadelphia Phillieszaccheus85
Washington Nationalszaccheus85
Houston AstrosTherion
Los Angeles AngelsLarryG
Oakland Athleticsgwynn_fan
Seattle Marinerszaccheus85
Texas Rangerszaccheus85
Chicago White SoxPurdyM3
Cleveland Indiansgwynn_fan
Detroit TigersMECHJO16
Kansas City Royalsgwynn_fan
Minnesota Twinsgwynn_fan
Baltimore Oriolesdoubleo6
Boston Red SoxLarryG
New York Yankeeshociman
Tampa Bay Raysgwynn_fan
Toronto Blue Jaysgwynn_fan
Target $330ToGo

Product Details​

Continuing to evolve, 2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball transitions to a full-fledged MLB Hobby product instead of the smaller, Retail-only release of the past.

One new option this time is the "MLB Debut" autograph patch series that Topps teased at the start of the season.

The presales took place on October 20. Formats include Hobby boxes with one autograph for $129.99 ($139.99 on release day)

2 Boxes of 2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Hobby Box Break 4 cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 1 Chrome auto​

1 Blaster 2023 Topps Chrome 28 cards, including 2 Sepia & 2 Pink Refractors. In addition, Returning for a second season, the 2023 Topps Chrome MVP Buyback promotion again grants collectors store credit at their local Hobby shop in exchange for base cards and parallels of the most valuable players. The 2023 MLB MVPs were announced for the American League (Shohei Ohtani) and National League (Ronald Acuña Jr).
1 Blaster 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum 32cards, including 3 exclusive Prism Refractor. Turning the page, 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball pays tribute to the 1953 design with a very late 2022 MLB release.

Here is how this break will work. There are 30 teams and the auction price will start at $1 for each team. Members will have a chance to bid on their teams and the highest bidder will get that team and all cards from that team from the break. MINIMUM BID INCREASE IS $1. BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET WHEN WE REACH THE TARGET PRICE OF $330. Shipping is $4, no matter how many teams you win.
If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks Bob
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.


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Do our bids include shipping?

Regardless, $5 Astros.
Thanks for the reminder...I listing the breaks on both sites, thinking I copied the rules and shipping from the previous break, trying to remember what I'm doing and She Who Must be Obeyed is bellowing something stupid that needs to be done for the third time...Same shipping of $4 no matter how many teams you buy. Shipping to the east coast is usually $4.19, so lose money on shipping, too. Just trying to break even, so I get something for the next break.
Broke the Topps Chrome Blaster and I did okay.
Acuna $20 Greene Sepia $20 Tyler Freeman Auto
2023 Chrome Update 3.jpg

Base added to the break...hopefully we can get this done!