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It's been a long time since I first started collecting in the month of December 1991. I started out mainly collecting Cincinnati Bengals cards. Then in the next few years I expanded to basketball cards, mostly lower end Michael Jordan. Along came 1994. I kind of got frustrated trying to keep up with all these parallels and premium products. I still had the collecting bug but didn't know what to do. I looked towards vintage and it looked boring at first, but only because I didn't have a focus. Until I found Net54, a real vintage baseball card aficionado's forum. These were really advanced collectors. The "commons" they dealt with had worth in the hundreds. I was definitely out of my league here, but I stayed quiet and learned by reading all their conversations. I read about past players and learned how to get the most out of poor grading. I picked up a few nice cards and rare beaters as well. But these transactions were few and far between. My collecting interest began waning.

Come to 2005. I found out about forums and TCC and it became my mainstay. I learned about box breaks and it provided me a wonderful opportunity to collect my favorite NFL team (yes, ok, they suck, but it's still my team), mostly with Crpalmi's FB breaks. Had a lot of fun, some ups and downs, but always fun. In 2013-14, I actually learned the NHL rules since the home team was in the playoffs. It was more enjoyable to watch and I can now keep up with the action. I enjoy watching hockey now, mostly for the players instead of the team. Like for most of us, life came calling and I was less and less on the forums - all of them. In 2015 I moved and financial appropriations were limited to my new place. A project I did was what would be the backbone of my collection? I got a 2009 National Treasures box and decided whatever I can fit in there will be the backbone of my collection. I think I'm going to need a bigger box.....



From a pack deep in the north country...
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I love Net54! I learned so much about my vintage wolf cards from the site!


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Rob, wow! That's quite a backbone you've got there! Is that a Jordan rookie in the back?

Also, loving the Nolan Ryan. He was one of my favorite players growing up. We went to a game to see him pitch during the end of his career and it was announced pre-game that they'd changed the starter so he didn't end up pitching. Never had the chance again.