Redskins game used lot for trade


5.00 star(s)
Would love to trade these jerseys and autos as a lot:
05 Legends L.Hauss auto
05 Bazooka J.Campbell jersey
02 Grid. Kings Cut Coll. S.Davis
06 UD Star Mat. Brunell jersey
01 Priv. Stock T.Husak(looks like part of letter of name)
05 Bazooka M.Washington
06 Play.Abs. Tools of the trade Brunell #50
05 UD C.Rodgers
02 MVP Souv. R.Gardner
02 Ovation M.Westbrook
03 Honor Roll McCants
02 C.Russell Piece of the game
02 Sweet Spot auto C.Russell
I am easy to trade with. Except for the Hauss and Campbell I will trade the others for similar common game used from teams I can use. Thanks