Recently inherited a large sports card collection, looking to sell


Bench Warmer
Hey everyone,

I recently inherited a very large sports card collection from a deceased relative. I am currently in the process of moving and don't have enough space to store this, nor do I have the time, interest, or player knowledge to break up this collection. These cards were stored in individual boxes sorted by team (and then some were sorted by brand). As far as I know, none of these cards have been professionally graded. Visibly, the condition of the cards range from visible creases/damage-- to looking almost brand new. The collection spans from the early 1970's to the early 2000's.

I’ve set up a 7 day eBay listing for each of the teams if any of you guys are interested in checking them out. I’ll definitely be happy to get rid of them!!

If you go to this [eBay link ]( for the Rangers lot, you can scroll to the description and find all of the links to all of the other teams.

Thanks guys and gals!

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