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Well I'm going back to buying singles again. My favorite little local card shop had to close it doors. The other 2 in town, well 1 I know the owner searches his packs, the other is still pretty good but can be a bit pricey on the packs. Then there is a flea market guy, not sure what to think of him yet. He has a lot of product but does more with coins then his cards.

Both of these cards are still incoming.

I got this for around 8 dlvd. Stockton RC BGS 8.5 Books 50.


I got this for around 25 Dlvd. Josh Smith Carmelo dual GU #'d 17/22 (Jsmoove Draft Pick #) BGS 9.5


Thanks for looking
Nice pick ups! :)

I like the 88'89 Fleer set cos two of my fav players have RCs in that set :D
I am always dreaming of doing the base set lol
sure is.

Quite happy about that pickup.

Don't know how I got it. I knew one sold for 80, but then when I saw the one that sold for 82, I was extremely pleased!

I just picked up a Steve Nash Chrome RC for 20.