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First, I have to say congratulations to the Phillies and their fans. They showed more heart than the Mets and were persistant the whole second half. I really hope they get swept in the first round of the playoffs.

As for my day yesterday it was a crazy one, an emotional roller coaster. I left my house at 10:30am. First stop was my brother's boat for some fishing on the Long Island Sound. I caught a really nice Blue fish on the first cast of the day and was hoping that was a sign of good things to come. But then we turned the radio to the Mets game and they gave up 7 runs in the first and I thought my day was ruined. They loaded the bases in the first couple innings which gave me some hope but they couldn't get a key two out hit. At this point I was ready to tie something very heavy around my ankles and jump into the sound.

So, we left the marina and headed to the bar we go to before the Giants game. Of course the bar was filled with Giants fans pregaming but there were also a ton of Eagles fans who, all of sudden, are back on the Phillies bandwagon with their hats and shirts and stuff. Bunch of losers if you ask me and I was very depressed and begging the Giants to ease some of my pain.

I drank a ton throughout the day so I was pretty drunk for the game. Once the game started I could feel the air and momentum in the stadium and the crowd and the Giants players and knew we had a good chance of winning the game. Since it was a night game the regular season ticket holders rarely show up since many of them in the lower sections are older and have had the tickets for 30-40 years. That brought in a younger more energetic crowd and also brought in drunks and fights. Fights were breaking out all over the stadium and there were lots of chirping back and forth the whole game and I was going nuts the whole game and letting out my frustrations of the day. It was theraputic.

The BEST part of the night though was towards the end of the game when all the loudmouth Eagles fans were walking up the steps to leave and were just getting berated and having STUFF thrown at them and having their hats taken and throw down into the fans. It was hilarious!!!! A couple of them mentioned the Phillies win but Giants stadium is the wrong place for that since 90% of the Giants fans are Yankee fans so they were laughed at even more. This definitely eased my pain a little watching those jackasses get what they deserved.

I didn't get home until 2am and I was a mess. I've got a terrible hangover today but I'm really not that upset about the Mets anymore. It happened, it's over, time to move on and say let's go Giants.

PS - I have about 10 friends from the Philly area, several from this site, and I have to commend them for not busting my balls really badly about the Mets. I didn't have one email from a Phils fan giving me crap. YET, I did have 15 emails from Yankee fans giving me crap. Makes me hate them and their fans even more. I also hope they get swept by Cleveland.


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hey cussing :pop:

yeah last night the giants dominated...would have been a major downer had the giants also lost