Rant Thread ( High School Football )

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Well we had are first scrimmage against Masuk High School who happens to be are first game of the season, There ranked 6th in the state and where ranked 105 due to last years standings, We dont play them every year but probably one of our biggest rivalries and well we kicked the living crap out of them, but one of our players got seriously hurt, he did somthing to his knee and had a MRI done today, but they stood there in a huddle chanting and the one kid laughed that hit him while he was done, and didnt go down on there knees like everyone else in the stadium, real class act right? Well then we get one of those kick there arses now speach and low and behold, a few plays later one of there d-tackle completly seperated his shouldier, but we had the courtesy to go down on are knee. I dunno just pisses me off :ban:.

/end rant


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Run up the score. That's what I told my 9th grade team 5 years ago (I think, or in '03) and they won 64 -20.

Although, now 2 are waiting charges of terroristic threats in the BWCA, one was caught stealing and 3 others have had a couple run ins with the law....so far. :ban:.

It's good sportsmanship though. Karma. I'm a firm believer in karma and ya'll did the right thing. Screw the other team and their coaching staff.

- Dave.