Rant of the Day: 1/5/2017


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Don't you just love it when you bust open the newest product and post the "hits"... and almost immediately you get someone that needs that one card for their PC.

Of course they tell you "sorry, I haven't busted any of the new product" and offer up some older items, that while you can use them for the next Card Show you do, they really aren't what you want, but you do a trade (or in the case of base/inserts you send them as a FREEBIE) just to help the fellow collector out...

...and then you go to another site or FB page and see a post where the fellow collector has opened up a box (or two or three!) of the newest product and proudly post up their hits with cards that you just told them you were looking for, but they told you they didn't have them?

Guess what... it's taken it's toll on me. Has not happened here, but happened over at a NASCAR specific site. Three new products in 2016... I helped a specific collector out several times with his PC. FREE base/inserts. And the Autographs and Race-Used, well, I've taken a hit on just to help the guy with his PC.

...and this morning... there it is... BIGGER THAN LIFE... his "hits" from the latest product, which according to him earlier this week, when I bent over backwards to help him with his PC, he didn't have the money to purchase, so he was passing up the latest NASCAR product once again.

I currently have a stack of about a dozen cards sitting on my desk waiting to be shipped his way... not going to happen. I will be the jerk here and wait until he sends me a PM asking if I sent the package. Then BAM!

Lesson learned. Effective today, NO MORE FREEBIES. Idiots like this fellow collector is what is killing the hobby for everyone.

My list of "who NOT to trade with" is getting longer.

Rant is over...


Insert Cool Title
That sucks Randy...I have found that this hobby has become more and more like that. I think part of it has to do with the hobby becoming so saturated with "hits." I'm starting to feel like an old man when I say things like "...it was better in the old days." Heck, I remember when Upper Deck came out with their first "Game Jersey" cards. It was like Moses came down the mountain...and they were about as rare as those tablets too (and still quite valuable).

I know the quality of the products today are much better than back in the days when all there was was base a a few "inserts" that were little more than base. But, it was purer and I didn't feel this same kind of parasitic behavior.

Maybe that's why I basically only collect cards from the late 90s and older...I just like that time better.