Random breaks - again no scans


Massive Jackson Stalker
Busted a few blasters over the weekend, nothing big, but Target had packs of Trilogy BKB for $9.99...

Emeka Okafor Gold #d 07/10
Andrea Bargnani Jsy

also got a blaster of Topps DP&P...

Matt Leinart 2006 refractor
Marcus McCauley 2 color with stitching Senior Standouts #d 48/99
Jared Zabransky base
Brady Quinn Black Chrome

As of now, all is FT/free...pretty happy with the McCauley...
way to stick it to the man!!!!

I hate Target just because of the pack searchers and what they let them get away with. There was an open box of Topps DP&P on the shelf that I was going to grab a couple from but all of the packs were torn open at the top. I told someone and they basically said that they don't care as long as no one is stealing them. it's BS