R.I.P. Chris Benoit


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STAMFORD, Conn., June 25, 2007 – World Wrestling Entertainment was informed today by authorities in Fayetteville County, Ga., that WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and his son were found dead in their home. Authorities are investigating, but no other details are available at this time.

Instead of its announced programming for tonight on USA Network, WWE will air a three-hour tribute to Chris Benoit.

Chris was beloved among his fellow Superstars, and was a favorite among WWE fans for his unbelievable athleticism and wrestling ability. He always took great pride in his performance, and always showed respect for the business he loved, for his peers and towards his fans. This is a terrible tragedy and an unbearable loss.

WWE extends its sincere condolences and prayers to the Benoit family and loved ones in this time of tragedy.

Talk about a kick to the nuts.....not expected...god I hope it wasnt murder suicide.


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Oh man, that's awful. I hope it wasn't either.

I'm not really up on wrestling, but even I've heard of him. Very sorry to hear about it.


I couldn't believe it when i heard the horrible news. I watched him wrestle many times and he was such a hardworking entertaining individual. The latest news is that it was a double murder suicide. He will be truly missed.
RIP Chris, Nancy & Daniel Benoit


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what vince thing?

A few weeks ago they showed Vince getting into a limo...then the limo exploding. WWE played out the angle on their web site and other shows pretty hard. Some fans bought it hook, line, and sinker. The episode of Raw last night was supposed to be, I think, the culmination of the whole story line.


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News just released:

Strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hung himself in the weight room. :ban:

where did you see this?
im not doubting i would just like to read it
it sounds like something incredibly and undeniably awful happened there, the first reports i heard were that he killed his wife and sone either saturday and/or sunday in different rooms of the house then waited til monday to kill himself