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Bench Warmer
im new to this and jusr wondering, wat happens if you agree to a trade and send your card but never recieve the other persons card, can you get your card back or its impossible to tell
well if you send first, did you put tracking on it, and second who did you trade with and if theres a problem put the trade in dispute in ur trade manager which is the quickest way to resolve this.
bhelser said:
We have a very good staff who perform complete investigations

just as he said, BSC helped me in a deal that went south with a member here and he actually got that member to send my cards back and all went well so i would put it in dispute and let the staff here take care of what they do best.
If you have a trade problem, PM me with the deatails or trade manager number and any other pertinent information and I'll see what I can do to help