Quick post from the college: I beat dawgnsuds !!!!!!


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
As many of you know, the eBayer dawgnsuds is my mortal enemy. Well, allsinc, a guy who said he bought out CE when the folded up shop, has been selling a bunch of the '00 CE Odyssey Personal Collection 1/1 Red Ink DN's. I know I've lost at least 4 the past few months. There are 10 total poses that have the 1/1 on the back. I already own three, and there is another one on eBay right now, but here's the killer:


Shocked at the price. Take a look. The others have been going consistantly for $55 - $65 a piece.

- Dave.


Wow, sweet pickup, and nice to see you stick it to dawgsnsuds for once, it's good to mix things up every once in a while