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Do I do the $145?

  • Si

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So, as most of you know, been looking for a Jackson Prime Sigs auto RC for a few years now. There is one in an ebay store right now. I email the guy asking if he'll go less than what he has it at, and his response is "for the next thirty days, I can go down to $145, but that's the lowest I can go. i need the $$ and as you may know, if a player has a good game their cards skyrocket." First off, DUH. second, after shipping, i'll be paying more for it than it has gone for in the past 3 months, plus even BV on this is only $150. Question is, do I do it, or wait till the season starts and HOPE that one comes up then?
That card is not uber scarce, I'd wait and see if you can find a little better deal. At least see if he'll ship at that price
Pass. no matter how long you wait, there will be new ones popping. Esp w/ a PR of ....(99?) and a star player.