Question about base

Okay okay, i know, this question has been asked by countless members looking for countless ways to get rid of base...and im sure most of you are sick of this question.
but i wanted to donate my base to some type of organization, whether it be a hospital, or good will, or salvation army, but i wanted to know what you guys do with the base you have from boxes.
in the end, im hoping to donate them, but was just curious if there were any other ways to distribute my base accordingly.
Thanks for looking


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i sold like 170,000 on ebay in feb of 06, did pickup required, got around $550 for them...

there is a lot on ebay now that is a bunch of semistar players that the guy wants $400 for shipping, which is about right (5000ct box is like $25) cant remember how many cards, but it was up around $600...


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You can always donate to the Brad Schneider Card Collection Fund ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Though I am a little serious, I will take Bengals you got. I can gift them to my little cousins since I am trying to get them into collecting. I will pay for shipping
you guys may be on to something. will definitely arrange them into team lots and see if theres any interest. after that, i will probably just go to the local hospital or good will store and just donate whatever they will take. after that, maybe start a bonfire :dance: :roflmao:
Depending on how many you have, I'd try and sell.

thats the thing, compared to a lot of collectors, i do not have a large volume of base lying around. i live in a pretty small space, and i just have stacks of base lying around. was thinking of trying to get a couple of shoe boxes filled and then trying to sell them, if i sell them. considering donating some of them because its close to the holiday season and a kid might find some enjoyment out of these


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Yeah, if you do not have a ton it might be easier to just take them to a local hospital, library, school, etc.