PWE Trade Off Contest


5.00 star(s)
Thats right, I will be giving away a prize who can mail 5 trades or more through the mail in a PWE, Christmas card, etc.
Contest Start date:TBA
Prize: TBA
Rules: Rules may change before start date!
1)Both members agree to mail PWE only with stamps!
2)No Mid to highend cards, GU or Big thick cards, must be plain card of inserts, RCs Auto's!
3) Must be posted in the Trade Manager!
4)You can only make two trades per member!
5) most important, Have Fun and Post any PWE Trade in this Thread for me to keep track of and your comments on how the card was received, Was it in perfect shape when you got?

The whole point in this Contest is to see if you can mail one card TTM in a PWE for just the price of two stamps and having it received with no damage to the card!
With the postage rate increase why not give this a try!

I will see if anyone will want to do this and continue from there with it! let me hear your thoughts!
I'm definitely in, but I'm afraid rule #3 will have to be scratched for a while simply because the Transaction Manager hasn't been fully ported over into the software yet. I'm still working on it, and hoping it's finished soon, but it's not there yet. I'll keep you updated on the status, though.

Anyways, yeah, I'm in. ;)
I have actually used PWE in the past when doing some low end trades. I would never use it for more than 2 cards or any GU, I have recieved them like that and they are always damages around the GU part. In a PWE, I have always used a penny sleeve and top loader and taped it to the inside of the PWE. You can also use a 66 cent stamp and right "non-machinable" on it and that way they are not suppose to proceess it through any machines.
Thanks for the reply's guys, I will be gone a week or more, check back to this thread when I get back from my Vacation in upnorth Michigan! Happy Easter everyone!