PSSSSSST MLL Season canceled


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PSSSSSST NLL Season canceled

The NLL canceled the upcoming indoor LaCrosse season.Anyone want to guess why??????????

Money of course.From what i heard the players wanted to Uncap players saleries and the League said not a chance.That it would of closed the league down in a few years if they did that.I can see both sides point's,but it just sucks to have no season.

EDIT:Title should say NLL not MLL.The MLL is the outdoor LaCrosse league and that season is still a go as far as i know.
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The first season was in 1987.So 20 yrs.I've only been watching for the last few years.My son is gonna be pissed.:mad:


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That sucks. I do like watching lacrosse. Don't have cable / satelite now, but still enjoy it.

This saying is the truest saying of all:

"Money is the root of all evil"

Even in MLL :cry: