PS3 is it worth it?

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Assuming you already have an XBOX 360, I'd go with the Wii. The PS3 has had the weakest release slate in terms of games that I've ever seen. It's been out for over 6 months and there's not even one game you could say is its "cornerstone".

The Wii has so much potential for repeat gameplay. Your arms will be sore because you'll be having too much fun to listen to your body's signs of fatigue. And, at half the price, you'll have that much more cash to buy accessories and games. Buy yourself a Game Pass from Blockbuster and work through their library for one flat monthly fee. Rest frequently.


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Id have said yes if they hadnt forced the blu ray player and jacked the system cost another few hundy because of it. PS3 would have KILLED if they hadnt done that.


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soooooo, hijaking this thread, when I upgrade my Xbox, should I get the 360, PS3 or WII?

With the money to buy a PS3, you can get a Wii and a 360 (something that people have called Wii 360) since PS3 is twice more expensive.

You can get everything but the blue ray in both of those consoles, plus you get a lot of games with the Wii and 360 and definitely a lot more of fun with your Wii...and if you think the 360 ir more for you...then you can ship your Wii to me and I'll play for you. :rolleyes:


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We have a 360 already. Im leaning towards the WII more because of the price.

Wii is a cool thing to play with your friends. But I just couldn't see myself standing up and being animated to play when I'm by myself being lazy.
PS3, if you have full HD and such, is incredible. Plus, I actually love having the blu-ray DVD player with it. Everything is way better in HD, and although is costs more, it's still way less than a full blu-ray player (I believe the cheapest is $800).

I love PS3, but you probably can't go wrong either way.


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If you already have a Xbox360 then there's no point in getting a Playstation 3. Get the Wii and never look back.


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If you dont have any of them, go with the 360 premium bundle.

If you have a 360 already, get a Wii, its actually pretty fun.

If you have a Wiii AND a 360, take your ps3 money and buy a whore for the night:salut:


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get a Wii

we have a 360 and played a Wii for the first time on super bowl sunday, but it was on a 120 inch TV, and we went looking for one that night. gives you a work out and it's fun to play.

from the games i've seen for PS3, they dont' have any "fantastic" games. with the Wii and a game card you can download games off the net, we downloaded Super Mario and are after Pac Man for my mom. the games are fun, the one it comes with is a mulitple game in one disc, which is fun.

definately get a Wii, it's less expensive and you are bound to have more fun with it, and the games are more cost effective


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I have the ps3 and love it. THough the above are right, there are no "great" games yet. Looking forward to Madden and GTA 4 though.


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True they are, 360 is my brothers. In December Im going to Arizona for school. So, I don't know I will probably get the WII but if the PS3 goes down I wouldn't be surprised if I get that