Pro Football HOF or the National Convention?

Nats or HOF

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Right now I'm in Southern Michigan just north of South Bend, Friday I'm leaving to go back home to the Philly area. On the way we are planning at stopping at either the Nats or the HOF. My dilemma is that Living so far away I won't have a chance to go to the HOF for a while and if I go to the Nats I have non of my FB cards or any money :doh:. I know that if I go to nats I would be tempted to buy **** I don't have money too. Also If I go I would go to nats I would only be their for a couple hours. Sorry about the long read either way It will be fun but still need your guys' opinions :salut:


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Go to Nats. You'll be able to go to the HOF at some point in your life, but I doubt you'll have many more chances to meet all the TCGers :D