Pretty good mailday, first day back from college, P.C. 3 cards with scans.


Bench Warmer
First off, college was good, class is interesting and went by fast. Lot of nice looking girls too.

Second, whoever uses these CARD SAVERS should be dragged out onto a busy highway and shot in the kneecaps, look what one did to me when I tried to get a card out:


Now, the cards:


DPP Class Marks Auto


SPX Quad Gu with Lorenzo Booker, Tony Hunt, and Brandon Jackson


SPX Triple GU with Lorenzo Booker and Tony Hunt


Bench Warmer
note to self, if I ever send anything to TJ use card savers.

Note to self: if rexvos ever sends me anything, use the return address to hunt him down, than slice all the slots in the middle of his fingers (the webbing) with card savers.