Pretty decent Kobe card pulled today, maybe one of you can help me out on it...


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Well I thought I would see what people thought the bv or sale value on this card would be, I am not really a basketball card collector, but I was trying to get some Durant stuff since he is hot around here and got this 07/08 UD Kobe Bryant Game Patch card instead. I check beckett and the last couple of years of these were N/A and there was not a similar one on the bay.

Honestly I would like to sell it if possible since money is really tight this semester so if anyone had an idea, lmk. My guess was between $30-$40 but if it is a really short print maybe it should go higher?

Link to a pic:
Kobepatch.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That is fairly rare then depending on how many players there are. Wish it would have been a Magic Johnson or LeBRon though...Those would go into the PC.
I have no idea of a BV or SV :D

But the first card to sell on Ebay usually gets a bit more moolah than the others that will follow :)
That is a really good point hands. I was thinking about holding it until people knew what team Kobe was going to play for, but with a player like this it might not matter.
Wow - I didn't realise Kobe still wants to leave the Lakers.
Unless he heads to a big team with hardcore collectors like Celtics, Knicks, Bulls or those sort of teams, I think his cards will drop in prices because LA is a team with MANY fans and collectors etc
Imagine if he heads to the Clippers or something - you can bet collectors will dump him :)
Hey Darren,
I haven't been able to find out anything else about it unfortunatly. I was thinking I was just going to put it up on eBay here tomorrow and see what it will go for, unless you want to make me an offer and then I might just sell it to you...

Hey Darren,
I know the broke story all too well bud, that is why I really do need to sell it unfortunatly. I really look forward to being able to just collect cards again and not have to sell anything I get that isn't a PC piece. Soon enough I hope since I finally graduate in Dec.
Thanks for the interest though man I appreciate it.

You and I are in the same boat, I have no idea either.

Thanks man, don't worry EVERYONE will know when I graduate, I think you will all be able to hear me screaming with joy when I get done with my last final. I was thinking about running a contest for a free card like you do with the title being guess what my final GPA will be...Or what my last final exams grade will be...:)
Something like that anyway...