Post the addresses of the player you want


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Please post the address of the player you would like to get an autograph from. I will then post them in the forum. Thanks

Johan Santana #57

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I can use any of them that are stars.

I know you said you have Dirk. I def. want to get him, but not sure if he;d be signing right now with him being so far in the playoffs, probably overloaded with requests. If you have a list, LMK. Thanks


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It seems that John Daly doesn't sign TTM or is address is hard to find. I haven't seen one that works


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Have tried with no luck
Worthy, Greer
Kareem had success with
kareem Productions
20434 South Sante Fe Avenue #194
Long Beach, CA 90810
attn: Mr. Jabbar
Elvin Hayes I have seen successes via his Houston car dealership. Don't have the addy, but a web search engine should find it for you.
Bradley don't know, is he still in the Senate?


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I need lots and lots of Basketball HOF's......

I need the following:

George Gervin

Hakeem Olajuwan

David Robinson

Gail Goodrich


Jerry Lucas

Also if you have a chance, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong...




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47 Byram Shore Road
Greenwich, CT 06830-6907
worked for me a year ago.
I have sent to Jerry Lucas 3 times with no success. Gervin sent a form letter saying he was unable to sign.
Robinson 1 failure when he was playing.