Post and Win III


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We've done these before, and they're usually fairly successful, with the exception of the last one which kinda bombed. I'll blame the prize on that, though. Hopefully this one will be a little bit better.

How do I enter?*

All you have to do is reply to threads, or create your own thread. Every forum section counts except the "Off Topic" forum.

How do I win?

This one will be a random drawing. Each member will get 3 entries for each thread they create, and 1 entry for every post. Simply replying to this thread here will get you a single entry in the drawing.

What's up for grabs?

This time I'm going to give away a 2019 Panini Playbook Rookie Signatures #103 Drew Lock. Actually, here's a picture of the exact card you could win.

Additionally, Troy has add a second prize to this contest. This one is a 2018 Bowman Platinum Christian Pache Auto.


The person in the #1 spot in the random list generator will win their choice of the 2 cards. The person in the #2 spot will win the card that is left. If the person in the #2 spot is the same person as the #1 spot, it will go to the #3 spot, and so on until their are 2 different winners.

When's the deadline?

Only threads, and replies, posted after this thread is started, and before midnight on May 24 will be counted. A winner will be announced at some point before midnight May 26.

That means this contest will run for just over 2 weeks...starting now! Good luck everyone!

* To enter this contest without registering or posting on SCC, send an email to stating that you would like a chance to win the Post and Win III contest. To enter by email, your email must be received by midnight central time, on May 24.
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From a pack deep in the north country...
Any possibility of adding a baseball card prize? Two winners and first place gets their choice of which sport?


From a pack deep in the north country...
Mike I will add a baseball prize this evening
Not that I would take a prize either way. They should go to newer members and would look bad if staff wins stuff. I was only asking for other members who might be interested in other sports. If fact, I still have a a stack of autos and relics I am going send to mike to donate as prizes.


Nice, Lock should have a big year if we can get a season. Did you pull this? Retail or Hobby? I don't think I've gotten a single football auto out of retail this year.


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I updated the original post to include the secondary prize (thanks @franklinguy52). What we'll do is give a choice of picks to whoever is in spot #1, and the person in spot #2 will win the other card. Also, there must be 2 different winners, so if you are in spot #1 and #2, the #2 spot will go to #3 and so on until there are 2 different winners.

I should also note that team members are eligible to win these prizes if they so choose to participate.