Post and Win II


TP9 | VC15
I know I've done a ton of these in the past, but when I tried to search for the threads I only found one so I guess the others I did were called something different, so...we'll just call this one number two.

How do I enter?

To be eligible, you must post within this thread that you want to participate. A simple "I'm in" will do. Other than that, just continue on about your normal posting.

How do I win?

The winner will be the member with the most posts on the site from the time this thread is posted up until the deadline, which will be Monday, March 16 at 6pm EST. The only exception is posts within the Off Topic forum. Threads within the Off Topic forum will not count! Everything else, including your comment in this thread, will count towards your total.

What do I win?

The winner of this one will receive all of the hits (mem/autos) I pulled from my Vault Box.

Here's a picture of those hits:



TP9 | VC15
Wow...only two people joined...I'm a bit surprised by that. We usually have a great turnout for these. Maybe because I didn't send out a mass email? Anyways, I'll try one a little different a bit later.

As for this one, it was actually a tie so I did a random to determine who the winner was. I hit random 3 times, and here are the results:

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Paul
  2. Troy
IP: 2600:100c:b057:2403:c026:f921:be91:986a
Timestamp: 2020-03-17 15:30:16 UTC

So, congrats @redwing40! Shoot me your address and I'll get these in the mail.

Everyone keep your eyes on this forum. I'll be doing something for all the rookies and inserts I got from my vault box next.