please look/help...some set-needs


Bench Warmer
hello all,
trying to do some sets,nothing high end,so i guess anyone can help me out.if we get a trade done,You will receive a free card of your team/player!
thanks in advance!

regards, sascha

1996 Topps Hobby Masters
6 Barry Sanders

1999 Playoff Momentum SSD Rookie Recall
11 Emmitt Smith

1999 Ultra Over the Top
1 Troy Aikman
2 Drew Bledsoe
3 Mark Brunell
6 Warrick Dunn
8 John Elway
9 Eddie George
11 Keyshawn Johnson
13 Dan Marino
15 Jake Plummer
16 Jerry Rice
20 Steve Young

2000 E-X Exceptional Red
2 Peyton Manning
3 Brett Favre
6 Mark Brunell
8 Edgerrin James
11 Jamal Lewis
12 Emmitt Smith
13 Thomas Jones

2000 Fleer Gamers Yard Chargers
4 Tim Brown
7 Emmitt Smith
9 Edgerrin James

2000 Ultimate Victory Competitors
1 Randy Moss
2 Peyton Manning
6 Peter Warrick
7 Plaxico Burress
9 Sylvester Morris

2000 Vanguard Cosmic Force
3 Emmitt Smith
8 Peyton Manning


Bench Warmer
just a friendly suggestion,,,, it may be easier for us to help you find cards you need if you list your Needs Instead of listing your Haves, personally im not going to take the time to look up to see who you need because it just takes too much time to go look up old checklists. IMHO its just easier to go looking for a name instead of a set not knowing who you need.... Have you checked Out it has helped me greatly with several older sets from the 90s i have been working on myself.. At any rate,, Good Luck,, Ill see this weekend in my old binders if i can assist you any....