Please!!! Down to 2 Class Marks auto. Also need new hawks!


Bench Warmer
Please....I am begging all of you....I HAVE to finish this Class Marks auto set! The Sidney Rice came in today. The Brady Quinn is incoming. I need these two cards to finally put this away:

Drew Stanton
Dwayne Jarrett

If you are a player collector of one of these two players and have the base Class Marks auto, I will replace your card with another of that player even better. I don't care if I have to go on ebay and buy it for you. I will do it. Please, if you are holding one of these two cards (or know someone who does) let me know and I will do anything to finish them!!!!

Also, I am a huge fan of Bowman Chrome and would like to put together mini-masters of the Seahawks rookies. Here are the Seahawks rookies:

Jordan Kent (part of the 1-55 inserted into regular Bowman)
Courtney Taylor (same as Kent)
Joe Newton (same as Kent)
Josh Wilson
Brandon Mebane

I am looking for all variations of the Bowman Chrome version. They are:

Blue Refractor
Gold Refractor
Orange Refractor
Red Refractor (would like to try this but I doubt I'll ever see all three of the red refractors of Kent, Taylor, and Newton)

I currently have the Taylor Blue refractor, Newton X-fractor, and Newton Orange Refractor. I need everything else.

Lastly, I have a couple of other specific seahawks cards I'm looking for. LMK if you can help...

2007 LCM Courtney Taylor Emerald RC #d/5 and mirror red #d/100
Contenders autos of:
Charlie Frye
DJ Hackett
Seneca Wallace
Alvin Pearman

Plus, if you have some new seahawks (2007 brands) drop a scan by and I'll see what I can do! Thanks and sorry for the long read.